Audience DNA

Need to know what your customers think about you?

The Holy Grail for any marketer is real-time, in-market information on their target audience. Traditionally this key data has been both costly and time consuming to gather.

Our Audience DNA (aDNA) product gives you the ability to gather large volumes of real-time in-market data extremely quickly. You can then follow up with email marketing activity that responds to the specific needs, desires or pain points revealed by the research.

Our unique combination of huge audience, world-wide reach, consistently high levels of participation and fast turn-around means you can get hundreds of thousands of completed surveys in just a few short weeks. Best of all the research phase of aDNA is completely free. 100% of your campaign budget is spent targeting survey respondents with email marketing activity.

Interested to find out more? Watch our product video.

Key benefits Different ways to use
Uncover fresh, immediate insights on your target audience
Target large numbers of prospects anywhere in the world
A consistently high level of survey response is delivered quickly
Maximise value of the real-time data with an immediate EDM follow-up campaign
Better targeting based on real-time market knowledge leads to increased EDM response rates (Typically 50-70% open rate & 6-8% click through)
Valuable consumer insights that can help shape future marketing activity / strategy