Behavioral Banners

Display your banners to audiences based on their online behaviour

An alternative approach to banner advertising!

With our Behavioural Banner Ads, you can target individuals that match your required behaviour profile in almost any location in the world.

We are tracking the online behaviour of many millions of individuals worldwide as they research products, services and travel destinations online.

The concept is simple; if an individual has demonstrated a recent focused interest on a particular product, service or travel destination, they are more likely to notice (and act!) on a related banner ad message they see - no matter what site they are visiting.

Watch our product video to find out how this works!

Why choose our Behavioural Banner Ads?

What makes iMail Behavioural Banner Ads unique is our ability to track and target an online audience of over one hundred million users across any country in the world!

Our competitors can only offer behavioural banners within a limited geographic reach or through a limited delivery network. Working with us you can get the massive reach your campaign(s) require easily and cost effectively through a single point-of-sale.

Better Response
We help you cut through the cluttered with individually targeted Behavioural Banner Ads that consistently deliver 10 times more clicks than the industry average.